Mohini Sound Healing

We are Paul and Maud,

Together we share a passion for making healing music in beautiful Spain in the Jalon valley region.

Paul is an accomplished musician who gives lessons in a variety of instruments including the Djembe, Cajòn, and Handpan, he has years of experience playing these instruments and has a unique way of imparting his knowledge and skills to others.
His lessons are filled with inspiration, joy and a deep connection to the rhythms and melodies.

Maud is a sound healer and uses various techniques to facilitate healing in her treatments with singing bowls, tuning forks and crystals.

Together we organize sound healing concerts in Yoga studios, B&Bs and other unique locations that this beautiful environment has to offer, combining the vibration of the sounds and its frequencies to promote deep relaxation, balance and healing.

The sound healing concerts are a harmonious mix of rhythms, melodies and sounds that take you on an inner journey.

With the lessons, the one-on-one treatments and the concerts, we create space in which people can connect with themselves, with each other and with the deeper meaning of life, in which people can discover their own strength and inner wisdom.



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