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On our trip to Spain we found our place in the beautiful valley of Jalon (Vall de Pop) Paul and I have combined our passion for music and sounds and started giving concerts at beautiful unique locations in the area. Along the way we meet Angel, our dear friend who shares the same passion with her harp and so our trio was born to introduce you to the special world of sound healing together with our instruments. You’ll find your self in an inner world experience where a silences is created that can be heard through out the sounds. It brings you in a state of inner peace.

We give these concerts together and we always experience the concerts as a sound journey. You are taken on a journey by different instruments.

With our Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, harp, handpan and many other instruments we take you to an inner world where we meet ourselves. In which sadness, joy, fear and liberation can take place at the same time.

Everything that is already there shows itself to you and that has a relaxing and healing effect. We have discovered together that the sound journey that arises each time brings about an inner peace.

Sound baths are a very ancient healing technique. It is producing an amazing sense of well being through the vibration of the water within the body.

It is called a ‘bath’ because you are going to bath in sound waves, like a massage. The vibrations of singing bowls and the frequenties of tuning forks causes you body to resonate, causing the body to relax and come into balance.

With a singing bowl and tuning forks massage you can achieve total relaxation, it can have an effect on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This sound massage is given in a quiet harmonious space.

I give lessons with several instruments in a unique way. They are filled with inspiration, joy and a deep connection to the rhythms and melodies.


Im Maud the founder of Mohini Sound Healing.
My journey into the world of sound and frequencies began during my travels to the country of India. There, I discovered the magic of special singing bowls from Nepal that resonated with me on a deep level.

The soothing sounds of these singing bowls created a connection between heaven and earth, providing me with a sense of coming home to myself. I started bringing a singing bowl with me on every trip, and over time, a beautiful set emerged.

This experience inspired me to delve deeper into the world of sound healing. I embarked on training as a sound healer, and my passion for working with frequencies blossomed. It has now become an part of my life, and I am immensely grateful to be able to use the power of sounds and frequencies for the well-being of both the body and mind.

Join me on this journey, and let's explore the harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern healing through the art of sound.


I am Paul, a musician with a profound passion for exploring diverse instruments, each with its own unique voice. One of my cherished discoveries has been the sound of the handpan.

With years of experience immersed in the world of music, I consider myself fortunate to share my love for melodies and sounds with others. In addition to being a musician, I offer lessons in a manner that goes beyond traditional methods. My lessons are not just about mastering instruments; they're a journey filled with inspiration, joy, and a deep connection to the rhythms and melodies.

Join me in exploring the magic of music and uncover the unique language each instrument speaks. Let's create harmonies that resonate not only in our ears but also in our hearts.


I am Angel. I play harp, answering the call of my soul to manifest more magic, enchantment and beauty in my everyday life and in the world. Listening to the invisible.and following the voice of my intuitive knowing.

I have been playing in healing retreats and sacred sites throughout Spain, France, England and Scotland supporting the creation of magical portals of healing and reconnection with nature and ancient lineages, swans, nymphs, the fae, mermaids and our own magical human Soul.


You can join us in the wonderful world of sounds on special locations,
also you can book us for your retreats or business events and even for small groups at your home.